Breastfeeding Friendly Initiative

The Sutter County Children & Families Commission has launched a new Breastfeeding Friendly (BFF) campaign to raise awareness and offer refuge to mothers who wish to breastfeed their infants and toddlers in public places.

BFF logo

The Commission’s Breastfeeding Friendly (BFF) effort is being launched to Sutter County businesses that offer a space for employees and/or patrons to breastfeed.  The Commission recommends that participating businesses or organizations offer a clean space with comfortable seating and access to electricity.

“Studies show breastfeeding is a low-cost strategy to improve the health outcomes of babies and mothers,” said Michele Blake, Executive Director of the Sutter County Children & Families Commission.  “In Sutter County, only a small number of mothers make the choice to exclusively breastfeed their newborn babies,” said Blake.

Low breastfeeding rates in Sutter County are attributed to society’s stigma associated with breastfeeding, lack of information, support at home, at the workplace, and in public places influences a mother’s decision to breastfeed.  “In California, a mothers right to breastfeed in public is protected by CA Civil Code Section 43.3,” stated Blake.

The Sutter County Children & Families Commission embraces the importance of supporting and encouraging mothers to breastfeed their babies for as long as possible and has adopted a Breastfeeding Friendly (BFF) Policy to be in place in any Agreement between the Commission and programs and services funded by the Commission.

If your business would like to become a Breastfeeding Friendly (BFF) partner with the Sutter County Children & Families Commission, please contact the Commission office at (530) 822-7505.  Participating businesses and organizations will receive a kit that includes decals featuring the new Breastfeeding Friendly logo to display at their Sutter County business location.