Child Care Planning Council Seat Vacancies

Child Care Planning Council of Yuba and Sutter Counties currently CCPC logohas 2 Sutter County seat vacancies.

Child Care Planning Council members are volunteers who are interested in issues affecting Yuba and Sutter County children. They represent a cross section of Yuba and Sutter businesses, parents, city and county governments, school districts, child care providers, and private industry. For more information on the Child Care Planning Council of Yuba and Sutter Counties, please visit

Child Care Provider Seat Vacancy Notice

Public Agency Representative Seat Vacancy Notice

Application to Fill Vacancy Sutter County Board of Supervisors Board or Committee

Child Care Planning Council of Yuba and Sutter Counties Membership Application




Bistro in the Buttes

SOUP Bistro 2016SOUP Bistro 2016 (2)

Each year the Bistro in the Buttes event raises thousands of dollars to provide supports and services for local families of children with disabilities and specialized medical health needs. Last year, over 1000 families benefited from the Bistro in the Buttes funds.

This year’s Bistro, Germanfest, continues a local tradition to celebrate the mission of Family SOUP to empower parents with information, workshops on developmental topics, and emotional support to ensure that children with disabilities are included as valued members of the community.

To attend the Bistro in the Buttes event, please complete the reservation form and return to Family SOUP at 1650 Sierra Avenue, Suite 106, Yuba City, CA 95993. Please make checks payable to Family SOUP.

Confirmation and location will be mailed upon receipt of reservation.

 For more information, call Family SOUP at (530)751-1925.